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Awakening Democracy: The FPC Initiative (Rising to Defend Liberty and Justice)

At present, America is embroiled in an internal battle, a conflict of values, principles, and integrity that form the bedrock of our democracy. This war doesn’t echo with the sounds of bombs or bullets, but resonates in the chambers of our political sphere, shaken by allegations and indictments.

Notably, a former president has been indicted on 37 counts of mishandling classified documents. Further, our incumbent President and Vice President are facing potential impeachment, the accusations leveled include “abuse of power by enabling bribery and high crimes and misdemeanors”. The Vice President has been singled out for her handling of the southern border crisis. Critics allege her extraordinary incompetence in executing her duties and responsibilities, coupled with an apparent indifference to the suffering of Americans as a result of the ongoing southern border crisis.

Yet, the intention of this blog isn’t to fuel the fire of accusations or pronounce premature judgments. Rather, these events reflect a deeper systemic flaw within our governing structure that demands our attention. It has sidetracked us from the path of transparent, accountable, and selfless public service. Nevertheless, we must remember that the label of corruption does not apply to all public servants. There are countless dedicated individuals, from the smallest local town halls to the august chambers of Congress, who prioritize public welfare over personal gain.

My involvement with the Financial Policy Council (FPC) bolsters this belief. The FPC’s activities are grounded in the conviction that the challenges facing our nation transcend political affiliations. It emphasizes that the government is ultimately accountable to its citizens. As patriots, the FPC and its members understand that we, the people, hold the key to our nation’s strength. It reminds us that freedom is the cornerstone of our democracy.

This blog seeks to awaken us to our current reality and inspire rectification. It aims to nurture a commitment to truth, integrity, and justice, and to bolster the resilience of our democracy in the face of adversity.

Recall the 2008 financial crisis where Wall Street’s reckless actions plunged millions into an economic abyss. Yet, those responsible escaped with barely a scratch, revealing the horrific fallout of systemic corruption and oversight failures.

People are weary, anxious, and yearning for change. Merely speaking passionately to a wall will not bring about the desired transformation. Hence, I introduce the FPC’s collective call to action, The FPC Initiative. It is a commitment to uphold honesty, accountability, transparency, and respect for the rule of law – the bedrock of our democracy. The FPC Initiative is a patriotic call to action led by the Financial Policy Council (FPC). It stands for honesty, accountability, and transparency, safeguarding the foundations of our great nation. By addressing systemic flaws, it strengthens democracy and upholds the principles that make us proud patriots. Through active participation, we unite as one, protecting liberty and forging a brighter future for all. Join the FPC Initiative and let your voice be heard in defense of our democratic values.

Participating in the FPC’s initiative involves staying informed about the issues affecting our nation, voicing your concerns in local, state, and national elections, engaging in open dialogues about our nation’s future, holding your elected officials accountable, and promoting unity and respect amidst diversity.

Our nation’s current trials are not random events; they are symptoms of deep-rooted systemic issues. The FPC’s initiative is our collective response, a testament to our enduring belief that, united as Americans, we can overcome any obstacle.

However, the success of the FPC’s initiative requires action, not mere agreement. Thus, I make a direct appeal. If you’re reading this on LinkedIn and you support the ideals of the FPC’s initiative, please ‘like’ this article and share it with your contacts. Moreover, we invite you to reach out to us at, Attention: Ziad K. Abdelnour, Chairman, and share your actions and contributions to the FPC’s initiative.

We stand at a critical juncture in our nation’s history. Let’s not stand by as our beloved America is potentially sacrificed on the altar of personal ambition or falls prey to those sowing division for their gain. The task before us is immediate and urgent. Fellow Patriots, America needs your help. The time to act is now. Together, we can safeguard our democracy, ensuring a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Our path forward may not be easy, and it will certainly require dedication and concerted action from all of us. But remember, in the face of adversity, we have always shown our true strength. We must now do so again, standing tall for the principles that make us who we are: a nation of liberty, justice, and an unwavering commitment to the truth.

Your involvement in the FPC Initiative will make a difference. Whether it’s by actively promoting transparency and accountability, or by simply engaging in respectful and open conversations about our nation’s future, every action counts. Our collective efforts can usher in a new era of transparency, accountability, and honest governance.

This is not a call to arms but a call to conscience, a call to awaken the spirit of patriotism that lies within each of us. Let’s set aside our differences and come together as one nation, united in our resolve to protect and uphold our democratic values.

As we embark on this journey, let’s remember the power that we hold as individuals and the even greater power that we hold when we stand together. Our unity is our strength, and with it, there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome.

I urge you not to delay. Fellow Patriots, the time to act is now. Together, we can ensure that our democracy remains strong, vibrant, and truly representative of the people it serves. Let us awaken the FPC Initiative within us and rise to defend liberty and justice. The future of our nation depends on it.

Author: Stanford Silverman
Date: June 19, 2023
Tag(s): FPCs

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